To .Hell And Back -When DejaVu Is Real Read Count : 61

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It’s not a dream nor a nightmare scream 
It’s like reality in two dimensions 
It was bizarre - was not too far
Never my intention 

An incident an accident occurred that early  morning 
Serious enough to call for help
It came without a warning 

The ambulance came- took down my name and things they had to know 
Rushed me to the hospital 
Siren blasting red lights aglow 

The doctor did his examination with
expertise and calm
The nurse did her “ needle thing “ stabbing my left a arm

My daughter arrived shortly after -was right  there beside my bed
We left the three hours later
With a bandage on my head 

The details of the injury is really not the 
But what happened afterwards knocked
me out of joint 
Later that day to my dismay 
The bleeding reoccurred exactly in the same place as earlier that day 

The crew that came the first time reappeared again
I didn’t think much of that -
It happens now and then

Back to the same hospital after giving the second same information 
That’s the normal routine for them it’s really no sensation 
The doctor was the same as well 
And the “needle nurse I’d seen

Now it got my attention as my daughter drove me back
It wasn’t my intention to think my mind had cracked 

My daughter said that injury was harder 
Than she thought 
She said it was coincidence no sense in getting fraught

It wasn’t just a bad dream and it wasn’t 
If it happens for the third time 
Don’t know what I’d do


  • Oct 23, 2019

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