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" Clearing the desards of my mind before Resting. "

Going to try something a little different tonight the song social internet Marathon hickox in hacks and lollipops for all to see a see. yeah this guy is coming away from the social media drumstick yet I don't need it. I would rather intice you who gander a read this one you are reading and clear away such said app. Couple of apps I'm talkin about are Facebook and Instagram along with many. Laughing here at the one MeetMe Dating and yes I have endured them all. It is come here to be just a bother.
with true friendship out the window at best I have gotten many pieces of leg which is okay but it's not it's not necessary to some of these questions that are like talking to a 11 below 8 year old person like to ask over and over the same thing like what where you are or what you need what you want don't tell me nothing you know I've had it and again I'm talking about the one called Instagram and now this is my opinion and I don't mean to offend but it's time for me to move on and actually found something that's real with perks of actual been with my choice a woman and actually being with that one and it said and done. I think I've already mentioned in a title story or Titleist story about me either on here on my poetry app which is an excellent app called Poemia. I have attached a link copy of here below. 
Updated name on here
Midnight on Eden Garden
"Though never stepped foot this ground of yet. 
This my people may bring a chilling degree.
As you see it is our month of Halloween, and as memory of my door to door as well my own children's year's in games of tricks and treats.
Follow this path to a tune held dear in me.
The lyrics to said artist cut speaking so this I end towards you.
Closing with stated, 
Midnight in Montgomery, Hank's always standing there.
Not that I have written this passage, enjoy the rest of that song in the head.

©brian_e-73 "

Word from the author,
" Piece under construction. But I have this for my work finished master as a firm foundation note.
Even being you may consider a silly vent.

To be continued.... "

Brian Franklin Elliott


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