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Good days ain't far away
That what they seem to say
I'm like, but anyway 
Seems out of reach
So far away
But I keep grinding till that day

They say if you see it you be it
You only be it if you see it
But I do see it but not be it
But this is it, is how I see it
But how the fuck can that be it
But but but but that's not it ..  

They say everything comes in three's
Strike one, strike two, strike three
Who made the judge the pitcher in the game,
 baseball, opportunity steal and flee
takes three strikes game over for me

Three things I struggle to do
Eat,sleep and shit which is
Three things we all must do
Homeless to rich whoever it is
We all be human 
no difference from you




  • Oct 23, 2019

  • good.

    Nov 29, 2019

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