Peace Be With You Read Count : 82

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Pop
Walk through the oceans sand. Remembering who's in demand. Are you all alone. Do you sing with a new tone. Let peace be with you. The love of life is not new. Walk in someone else's shoes. See how well you can do. Is it simple to take the next step. Can you feel how hard they wept. Peace be with you. You must be true. It's not a fantasy. This is our real life. Walk with a stranger. Can you feel his emotions. Does he have pride. Who does he abide. Peace be with you. Do you feel compromised. Are you one that is true. Would you hold a needy hand. Someone who's feeling down and blue. Could you show them love. Share a word or two about the man above. Dont be forsaken. Your not to be won't be mistaken. Dont walk alone. Share life where ever you go. Step left foot first. Then a left. Walk on and peace be with you.


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