Ice Is A Little Warm Read Count : 28

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Sub Category : Fantasy
I stood there huffing in deep shallow breaths. Everything in my mind told me it was all over, that there was nothing I could do now, but still a little voice inside me rose higher than the others.
 Me? Give up? Not a chance! I thought to myself, summoning the last of my strength.

"Done yet?"

"Not on your life!" I yelled, dashing towards him with eyes almost as sharp as the sword I clentched in both my hands. "Your dead!" 

"Stubborn aren't we?" He mocked, taking out his sword stained crimson red, and if I'm not fast enough more of my blood will be joining it.
Instead of seeing him wounded and down on his knees begging for mercy as I hoped, I felt the piercing pain of a sword goung into my side.

And just like that, my whole world was torn apart. Within just a couple seconds I collapsed, and without knowing it, I was listening to the rough beating sounds of my heart. It's alwaysed been trapped, just like the feelings I carried with me all these years being just a tool to others. 
Tonight, as the moonlight slipped away to the overwhelming depths of the dark, I felt my life force slip away with it. But at the same time, there was something inside me that craved to take revenge. And I think, all these years, its kept me alive...

~Ice Is A Little Warm: To be continued!
*A mini Fantasy story!!!*


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