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"No way! I didnt even get a say in this!" I angrily said. "Honey you have to. If you marry him we will be rich and we all know that we need the money." My mom said.
I sat still with my mouth open. I can't believe this! I always thought i would marry someone because i loved them! NOT for money! "Sweety are you okay?" My mom asked me. "Uhm. W-when is the wedding?" I asked. "Tomorrow!" My mom said. Oh my god. I had only one day to pick out a dress! And worst of all is i dont even know him!
To be fair, he was pretty handsome though. His black hair, blue eyes, and a smile that a woman could drown in. I could already picture my wedding. U was so excited. "Dax, will you bring me to the bridal shop to pick out a dress? You can drop me off if you want." "Sure." Dax said. So we got in his car and went to the bridal shop.

10 minutes later

I was standing in front of my dream dress. I took it off of the rack and purchased it. I exited the huge building and just as i was about to open the front door to my car, a man shot me in the stomach. I remember is laying on the tar in a pool of my own blood. Then i passed out and woke up in a hospital and saw dax starinh at me. I coughed. "What happened?" I asked Dax. "You were shot." He said. All of a sudden, a nurse walked into the room. "How is my paitent doing?" She asked. I muttered "okay. I guess." She connected a new pack of blood to me. Then i heard a beeping sound from the monitor.  "MADISON!!!!!!" Yelled Dax. 

What happens next? Find out in Meant to be part 3 on october 24th!


  • Emma  Way

    Emma Way

    how do you like my story?

    Oct 22, 2019

  • I like it a lot, the cliff hangers motivate me and I feel super inspired

    Oct 23, 2019

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