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I prayed for a sea without wind
I prayed for a body without skin
I prayed for a night without light
I prayed for a love who will fight

I prayed for food without taste
I prayed for shelters without space
I prayed for a teddy bear without a nose
I prayed for a fire with no coals 

I prayed for a family without blood
I prayed for a river with no flood 
I prayed for myself so have kindness 
I prayed for my life to be lifeless

I love a sea with wind
I love a body with skin
I love a night with only light
I love a love who will always fight 

I love food with a strong taste
I love a shelter with tons of space
I love a teddy bear with a little button nose
I love a warm fire with coal

I love for a family with my blood 
I love my river with a flood
I love myself for my kindness 
I love my life to have a life.

Whatever you have
Some people have worse
Whatever you give
Some people dont get
Whatever you see
Some will not see
Whatever you feel
Some people will never feel again...

The lesson is dont be greedy! 

-Skyla Campbell 


  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres


    Oct 23, 2019

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