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Broken in pieces even slithers fall from my skin. Puzzeling minds attack me from all directions. Never letting up, I'm never at ease.  Pain with in the body tates in the heart seem to be open and it bleeds. Misunderstandings will never set me free. Anger and hate seems to achieve. Will I ever be able to pull myself together and succeed. Freedom of mind control abilities to have my own thoughts is at least encouragement for happiness and salvation. Dont break me down and RIP apart my soul. To be forced to be with another is cold of course
 If my forsaken heart is over ruled my life is not mine and its unworthy. I'm out of my my mind my thoughts are not mine. There is no give or takezIts just a mistake. My pride is in agony my words are not taken, someone else has taken over and my love is in jeopardy. Lord, I need what I already have I dont want to burn I promise I'll learn. Will I be able to find all the pieces so I can mend and understand what broke me down. Only one can heal me and uplift my strength. The one I have now is the one to put me together and keep solid a stand up man. We just need to walk together, spend time and converse. I believe I can do this if I was just heard. Love is still allowing my heart to pump. Its been7 tests and can't another 7 without you. Let's make it 30 if not more. Soon we will have everything and never be poor. You are my one my glue my puzzel keeper. Repair me , love me again and again I dont believe my live can be deeper. Be with me , no more hide aways. You remarked we were starting a new less than a week ago. Let's hold on tight and put up a fight we are remarkable as two and as strong as steel. That's when we look in each others eyes nothing or no one can can make an ordeal. We are one and our wings will spread. I gave you your free will and you gave me mine. Now I know I'm blessed after watching others who hypnotised I see the others demise. We are flying freely we never jeopardized.  Now this powerful time which we are not mistaken is complete. The worse times are over and survived. Now I need and want you to stand beside me. Make love to me with that passion I love. I'll please you tonight, tomorrow and everyday agers as long as er are not apart. What's our next move our next step in this dance of a new life. Prophecies, provoked but now we awoke. The heavens are ours and we are worth all the things we are going to receive. I love you. Love me back forever, won't you please  you and I alone with riches  belief. We will never have to face the ugliness of anyone or anything that is all beneath. We over powered it in our own way. I will always hold you tightly even in pra6er.


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