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When I used to know about sexual harrasment,
Its a matter of extreme embarrassment. 
Women is the one who knew your legacy,
She will be there to taught you supremacy. 
She is always over burdened with her responsibilities,
Can't she live free for a day from her duties. 
Neerja was the pride of our nation,
Can the women like her will uplift our nation.
Youth will try to convince that the women empowerment is essential,
It will help to uplift the economy of our nation.
Women is a proudful profession in the world was stated by miss world 2017,
But one day I will be sure that she will be more technologically advanced in the world,
Dowry is the crime that betrayed her,
She will be working as an information bureau to make her family happier.
She is a beauty in every family,
She will help you very calmly.
Please stop her from destruction,
Self suicide is a depreesion on her mind as oppressively rituals is the reason.
A mother is a most beautiful word in the universe,
We will remember her and her ethics will always kept as reserve.
Lets take a pledge that women will be soon more secure,
She will be there to solve all the hurdles in her life tennure.
A women will be a goddess in any problem,
She is an amazing creation in any situation. 
Beauty contest is an indication of expression,
It will help her to live a life in freedom.
A mother,daughter and a wife is the multitude role she play,
She will be there to live a corruption lofe anyway. 
As a teenager I request you to respect the women in every field,
She is a specialist in her respective field .
A women is the most amazing creation to help you here,
God has created this creation so that in the God's absence she must be there.


  • Very nice

    Oct 22, 2019

  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    Great cultural insight and education 🦋🦋🦋

    Oct 23, 2019

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