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Tears that flow without a sound 
Overwhelmed by speechless pain
The are no words that I have found 
To bring you back again

All that’s left are memories 
As vibrant as your life
I plead they offer healing power 
To help your child and wife

You left this world so suddenly 
You had so much to give
With your love and laughter silenced
So many reasons to live

To release the pain and pressure 
My pen became a friend 
Because you were our treasure 
My writing will never end

With the memories I see momentous 
Cherished when you were here 
They offer hope as they magnify loss
While my dry eyes shed more tears

A poem I read short time ago
Rocked me to the core 
It’s been thirty one years-how could I know
That could open a  well- healed sore

Life without you took its toll
We had to work so hard 
To peice together our agonized souls 
I completely lost my guard   
I’m Ok now -experience stepped in
To help me close that sore
But the impact of those writer’s words
Brought tears I’ve shed before 

For you who have lost loved ones especially a child
There is a iife beyond a loss
But there’s pain you cannot hide

It’s carried quietly in your heart 
But awakens now and then
When a “trigger “ takes you back to 
the start 
I greatfuly pick up my pen

Life sometimes has confusing ways of teaching one a lesson 
To bring to mind those tragic times and
transform them into blessings 
The loss will never disappear nor will the
joy of family 

Marc now lives in different ways 
We see him in his daughter 
She’s overcome her pain and fears
And we all still live with silent tears



  • Oct 22, 2019

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