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Everything is fine and a feeling of greatness warms me. I'm so tired but the sound of the alarm clock isnt there to care and refuses to be ignored. Instead it simply reminds me the reason I do this everyday with a smile. Its knowing I have you in my life that alone makes it seem to feel worth it and so much easier. But right now your scent crawling all over me and smothered in the covers while I lay against your back side feeling the radients of your body heat instantly makes leaving your bedside so hard. A hint of brightness swirling in the air interrupts me to let me know it's hot and waiting for my cup. It's been awhile since I just held you in my arms for so long just to be with you and let you know that I love you so much. I know that even forever with you by my side still wouldn't be enough. I want the essence of your soft skin pressed against my lips as I gently kiss your neck and breath you in. I wish our clothes were wrinkled up and on the floor because like a thief time will steal this from us but I will always have the precious moments that make up our memories I share with you. I feel you turning to kiss me as you slightly begin to wake. Holding  you I whisper softly to you. " I will be back I have to go" I kiss you and leave your side. Hoping to return to you tonight praying nothing takes us from one another. I look back. I say it with meaning when I tell you the words" I love you" ...


  • hi

    Nov 16, 2019

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