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When is a victim no longer a victim
When you are traumatized in pain
Thoughts crush down around you
Witn a fear It would happen again

You ask the classic question 
“Why Me” with a tearful heart or
“ I never did deserve this”
Time for a brand new start 

It is true the scar remains
It can diminish in time
This horror took part of my life away
I will not let it control mine 

Your anger is a valuable tool 
To break the victim’s plight 
It can give you focus and strong resolve
From victim to survivor-you’ll fight 

You will not let the perpetrator keep you buried in fear
You’re on your way to recovery 
Where happiness can  lessen that fear

I speak not as a bystander
I’ve been a victim too
I will not sugar coat it
It left my life askew

For the sake of me and my family 
I refused to be destroyed 
I learned how to deal with this tragedy 
To face it rather it than avoid

Through the years of brutal work
There remains a pain-filled scar
The reward for standing up and fighting 
Our lives are better by far 

If you refuse to battle 
You live in endless pain
The evil ends up winning twice 
Making quality impossible to gain

You cannot change history 
So concentrate on you
That way you win to live again 
With life a bright new view 


  • Oct 21, 2019

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