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A school arrived on a camping trip to a spooky dark woods. "Everyone of the bus" said miss Berry. KaI, Abby, Jake and Emma jumped of the bus excitedly, they see someone standing in the distance. "Who's that over there?" Asked KaI. "I don't know", replied Emma. What they did not notice was Abby giving a thumbs up to the mysterious character. 
"I'll set up the tents, you can all go collect fire wood", shouted Miss Berry. When they returned to the camp site Miss Berry questioned "where's KaI and Jake?" "Oh we don't know, we'll go back and look for them" said Abby and Emma. "OK stay safe and don't be too long", said Miss Berry. An hour later they had still not found KaI and Jake. "What's that noise?" Asked Emma. Then it all went dark. 
When she woke up Emma, Kai and Jake were trapped in an old rusty cage. "HELP", they all screamed. " No-one can here you, drink this, you all look thirsty", said Abby! They all took a sip of the foul drink. Abby giggled as her dad arrived. "I have sorted out the others", he said gruffly. "Good", smiled Abby Creepily.
Emma, KaI and Jake started to feel sleepy. They stopped breathing. THEY WERE DEAD! "No-one can know the secret of these woods", said Abys dad Chillingly. Legend says the people who were killed that day haunt the woods. So if you here a SNAP or a CREAK, it might just be them watching you. 

- Emily Louise Barlow Age 14 
This story was chosen for a young Writers award in 2019 


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