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Jimmy Clark used to walk the halls
Surround by girls -so he couldn’t fall
Handsome -Strong-Six feet tall
He could pick any or pick them all
Excellent  student- football star
He would drive to school in his red car

There was nothing he did not have
And a personality as well
When we would come off the practice 
field or after a game
The girls  were there to greet him   
Some different some the same

Jimmy was my idol when I was 
We hung out when at school 
 But never otherwise seen

After graduation we went our separate 
Going on to different schools 
To experience  college days
Our parting was firm and friendly 
That’s the last i heard  from Jim
I was busy planning for a future
I thought  “not as good as him”

Many years  later on the way to work
Reading my newspaper 
My body gave a jerk
A small article tucked away in the rear
About a young executive who put a gun to his ear

“James Carlton Clark” all my eyes could
I stopped my reading shocked and dismayed 
Jimmy was told that” he didn’t make the grade”
When you have all the things to live for
We only know the surface 
Jimmy’s tragic ending is like a twisted circus
My high school hero finished life with a gun
With a sad-ironic surprise 
I’m the lucky one



  • Manfred Thuva

    Manfred Thuva

    stupendous writing

    Dec 23, 2019

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