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We've all been blessed, 
We've all have sinned, 
Were all lucky to be alive and breathe this midnight air,
We all get the chills on our skin,
All the blowing fast like wind,
We all feel a feeling, 
That's showing you a path,
Your family,
Shinning down on you
Showing you the way
Telling you what to say
Like a light out of the dark 
Straight across the sky
Up there in that starlight,
We've all seen movies where it ends,
We've all seen the lives of others go, 
Were all lucky to have this starlight,
Shine across the sky,
Up there in that starlight,
Starlight tonight... 

-Jon Pardi
-Skyla Campbell 


  • This is beautyfull

    Oct 20, 2019

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