Love The Rain Read Count : 222

Category : Adult

Sub Category : Adult Romance

It's late and I'm outside your house soaking wet from head to toe. Standing here waiting patiently in the summer rain with nothing on but shorts.The steam rising from my hot wet body because I walked the way just to see you. You can make out my shadow from the street lamps glow over head right outside from your window. Every curve of hard structure from my cut shoulders and arms down to my stomach muscles as my outline glimmers  protruding in the dark from the light. My hair in my face soaking wet and the taste of your soft wet lips on my mind. I want you and I don't want to fight it anymore. If I can't feel you against me It will feel as if I'm dying. Like heat to a flame I will embrace you and hold you in these arms while you give into your disires. I know that you want me to? I can feel you getting anxious I can feel a lot of things. Your heart beating faster and the flash of warmth radiating from you as you are peering through the glass watching me. Come outside. Come touch me. Lay your soft warm, hands against me. Do as you wish because tonight I belong to you. I am here, If you want me come get me while the hard rain is pouring down. I'm waiting


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