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 Chapter 1 
Hello my name is dd and i have 11 sisters  and there's  my older sister yasmine and she sing with  my other sisters  kasmine, sasmine or you can call her jasmine and my younger sisters  they are  twins brook and brooklyn and my other sisters  mimi, mini, winter, summer, princess ivy. Now that we got that  out the way let me tell you what change my life. My mom and dad called me and my sisters  down  stairs and the words came out we are moving to a small town that mean i have to move i said to my self so i ask my mom and dad why we have to move she said she is having a other baby"noooooooo" i said and  i sreem  as loud as i can. So my mom and dad sat me down  and said your mom and me love kids but you and your sisters are the last baby's in the family. But i said i don't wont to move to a samll town away from my friends and gram gram and papa my mom said i know but we have no choice but to move ok mom and dad i said. As i went up stairs to talk to my gram gram as i said good nit mom and dad. Good nit girls my mom and dad said. They next day i get up about 6:09 in the morning but this time i got up at 6:10 and it felt good to sleep in for a while. My mom and dad got ever one of there kids up i was the last  one but when my mom and dad came to my room they got made and said were dd i said i'm  in the shower i said mom saud we have to go to work in the next 10 min said  mom ok mom. Hey yasmine  yes dd have you seen my backpack i ask yeah its in my room you left it in there todays ago she said ok love you i said. 

Chapter 2)
Omg as i sreem mom going to have  the baby rigth here someone help i cry so my dad cane in  and call yasmine  name so loud  she came running now the stairs what is i i it befor she get a word out dad said  call 911 now he said call call  now dad said  as yasmine  call 911 when my mom got to the hotspil she gave birth to baby twins girls  that mean it was 14 kids in the houes now 3 years has pass now i'm  in the 11th grade now its nice my sisters  have gown from a baby to a 8 years old now in the 3rd grade now i'm  now 16 years old  and my family  is good now i love my mom and dad and all my sisters. 


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