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A guy named “Newton”I think It’s Isaac”
Once said something that now is basic

In nature every action has an equal negative reaction(or something like that)
We’re not in a science class and this is no sequel 
I don’t  know about equal reaction 
But when you apply to life it’s true about people 

Everything we say or do
Will initiate an action back to you
“So when “ you say “ why should I care”
You can leave a relationship up in the air 

If you say it without thinking it (welcome to the club) 
It may cause the other some surprised blinking 
If it’s a calculated action that you planned ahead 
It does not change the reaction to what was said

It is a fact that we all have feelings 
A major consideration in all our dealings
To be aware of this condition as we relate
Trying for each disagreement to be a solvable debate 


  • Oct 20, 2019

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