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Sometimes your reach the peak of anger
And explode with a nasty retort 
It’s usually directed at one person
Strictly designed for export 

Sarcasm is the weapon often used 
When the other is a fault
It’s meaning to deal with beings abused
A verbal comeback screaming  “HALT “

The intention is to strike back 
But it has a reverse effect 
Like a boomerang racing back to you
You’re the one that’s wrecked

Sarcasm is inflammatory 
It’s putting gas on a fire
The target now is more inflamed 
Which should not be your desire 

You now have two people burning 
When you struck your verbal blow 
Will your action minimize the issue 
The answer is plain “NO”

Sarcasm is a violent verbal action 
It’s understandable why its done 
But with the hope of resolving an issue 
With that method it’s never won


  • Nicely put 🙂

    Oct 19, 2019

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