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Sea consumed by Souls trees conspired with Coal that have written burden of memories that made one cold pass was more than dramatic it surely was traumatic life felt so pathetic yet I I stayed calm and collected was I selected for something greater than I in a world of eyes that see pass the 33rd degree consume all this anger in the 3rd chamber lay all doubts with the encouragement leading me out set me apart of the entire crowd all through this prayer I surely shall make you proud through this storm I feel more than cold Yet your word does more than comfort me it makes me warm my soul may not be complete but down this lonely road is more than luxury I shall surely see if possible please accommodate me towards my next  obstacle these talents I shall find balance soon be able to turn the tables not to seek and find a way to control just to intervene Secrets hidden beneath my inner dreams.¬©Elijah Wilson


  • Luna Reed

    Luna Reed

    woah good job!

    Oct 19, 2019

  • Elijah Wilson

    Elijah Wilson

    i try to write a poem & quote every day

    Oct 19, 2019

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