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The sound of wind outside and the rain coming down. Helps me to find a place inside myself where I can go to hide.
Moments like these are rare now it Seems that finding someone to share them with gets harder as the days go by. I could put you in my arms just to feel your warmth against me. Whisper to you in the dark as I tell you how I want you. Maybe I will take you in with every breath I take letting your scent take me over making my mouth water imagining what you will taste like if I manipulate you with my tongue. I could even lay here with your head against my chest and let your hands wonder over my body as you touch what you see and say nothing while you take advantage of me. The thunder rumbles and the sky lights the room the wind howls and the hard rain falls faster against the roof. Tucked away and hidden away by all the sounds noone to interrupt nothing to do or any where to be. Its moments I'm talking about just like these.


  • Oct 19, 2019

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