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   Before you read on, I want to caution you that this is one strictly for those who genuinely consider themselves veritably open-minded. When reading, if any negative emotions start to arise, causing strong urges to debunk or disrespect this post, please just say to yourself…

     It's only a blog…

     It's only a blog…

     It's only a blog…**

     **In a controlled simulation in which you must escape because it is indeed real, tracing back to ancient times in various different cultures. Though not a computer program, our world is still a program subliminally controlling us like herds of sheep in what many believe to be a New World Order with a strong Luciferian or Satanic Influence. 


     If you are one of those scarred souls who feel as though things aren’t right in the world; your world seems off but you just can’t explain it coherently. That’s when you realize you can no longer relate to the people you associate with, and you’ve noticed this in a gradual decline. Or, maybe you feel as though you can’t even relate to the world or your own reality. Like something is going on that you cannot explain. 

     I’m here to tell you that you are not alone, you are not crazy, and there is no way of explaining what this is, unless you have done countless hours of researching and asking questions that many modern philosophers have done.

    Let me explain what many non-mainstream scientists and modern philosophers believe this to be. It’s why you stumbled across this blog. 

     You are reading this because you can’t find answers anywhere else, but deep inside you know and feel in your gut that it’s real. That’s your intuition speaking to you. 

    If you want a scientific explanation, it’s the pineal gland growing in your brain and decalcifying because it’s time for you to use it. I’m sure you’ve heard of psychics, mediums, clairvoyants, and whatnot. These gifts they possess are not something only they were born with—we all were. However, they had most likely grown up in a more supportive environment with parents or guardians aware of this. But like many other people, including myself, such beliefs were mocked and ridiculed, so any belief became something imaginary. 

     When this occurs, the pineal gland, also known as your “Third Eye”, shrinks, and with the unnatural growth hormones and horrible things being inserted into our food, that gland becomes calcified. One major factor in the calcifying of your pineal gland is fluoride, and that shit is now in our water.

    The term psychic has become associated with negative connotations that are all false. All it is is our intuition. Have you ever been driving in your car with a song stuck in your head, then when you turn the radio on, that song is playing? Or how about whenever a friend or someone comes to mind randomly, and then your phone rings? You pick it up, and who do you think it is? 

     These are all seen as coincidences, but really it’s your intuition trying to get your attention. It’s that faint voice, or your first gut instinct that tells you what to do in a situation before you start second guessing yourself. The more you work with it, the more “psychic” you will become. You are waking up. 

    What does it mean when people say that humans need to “wake up?”

    It begins with everything I’ve mentioned above. It can also come out of recovering from a very traumatic event. There is a sudden feeling of not wanting to do anything, except be alone. This is good. We have become such a social society now that people are afraid or uncomfortable whenever by themselves.

     In fact, spending time to yourself with nothing but your thoughts and nature is one of the best, most insightful things you can do. You really figure out what kind of person you are and who you want to be, or what you’ve always wanted to do but have been too distracted with friends, work, social media, etc. to do. 

     Once you become comfortable alone with your thoughts and make it a part of your daily schedule, you have nothing else to do but pay attention. You will notice many “coincidences” patterns and synchronicities all around you. Never ever just brush these off as insignificant. 

     Every thing is a sign for you, for you have already begun your journey to discover your ultimate purpose in life. If you have trouble paying attention to yourself and things around you, start meditating. That is one of the most important tools in your life that was given to us from others around us. 

Inevitably, you will begin hunting for answers to all of this. 

     Start questioning everything that everyone tells you and with the Internet in our hands; it makes this so much simpler for us. And after a while, sometimes immediately, everyone always comes to the same revelation:

     Almost everything you’ve been told growing up is real. Everything you know, or think you know, people had passed down to you from somebody else. Your parents raised you with their beliefs, but who’s saying they’re right? They had just heard it from their parents, right? 

     In high school, we’re taught the same shit we learn every year with a little more added on. But if you do your research, all the evidence is right there in the palm of your hand. Nothing in history happened the way it’s stated in your textbooks. And then in college, basically you unlearn everything you’ve learned in high school, whether it be from partying too much, or having a favorite professor who you believe had all the answers. Maybe he/she did, I don’t know. But if you came across things that made little sense to you, what would you do? 

     Would you raise your hand and ask the teacher, or keep it to yourself? Even if you asked, you may as well kept it to yourself, because the answer you got was bullshit, right?

     This is only the beginning. There are much larger, global atrocities at hand. And since you are one who are waking up, you have an important role in helping save humanity and our planet. 

     You can take this however you want; it’s your choice. But if you truly believe yourself to be an ‘open-minded’ person, do some research. This may just seem to be some crazy conspiracy theory, but think about when people believed the Earth was flat. Those who believed it to be round were nothing but conspiracy theorists. Shit, people even considered the mob to be a conspiracy at the beginning of the 20th century. 

     Only the truth will set you free...


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