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In all honestly I hate the world,
Around 7 billion people living 
well not living surviving,
I sometimes question what’s the world?
A place of violence, fighting
Wars and crime 
God I hate the world but 
I love it at the same time.
When did we all become corrupt ?
So offended by society you can’t tell 
Right from wrong 
And your stuck there feeling out of luck 
Coz you called Kevin gay but only as a joke 
And now Sarah’s crying all alone in the park 
Coz she came out last week 
Now she’s being made fun of
She said ‘gay’ ain’t a word you can use 
To joke about with your mates 
To make everyone amused
To her that word means something great
A word she can finally use to fight against 
All the hate 
But let’s get something real straight 
Now I stuck up for Sarah 
But that girls no saint 
See she was caught out for being racist 
Coz she grabs her bag tighter 
When she sees different colour faces 
 Now I know she’d deny that for a fact 
She’ll say how am I racist when my
One of my Best friends is black, how can I be racist when my aunties boyfriend is black ?
But it’s not about the people you know 
It’s about the people you don’t know 
That has all the impact 
Imagine your sitting in a room 
There’s about 10 odd people 
And your the only white dude
Now 3 of them walk up to you 
You know one  is called Andre 
Byou don’t who 
Your tryna match a face to the name 
But your mind tells you 
That They all look the same 
It’s not your fault that your racist 
Because every 7 billion is a little bit racist 
Andre hates us white bunch 
Can’t stand the way we look at him
Like we’re asking for a punch 
This white boy once called Andre 
The n word
Andre went mad said that that had to earned 
Said you can’t say that coz your white 
Us black people say it to replace 
“ you alright”
Now I really can’t stand this fucking world 
Everything turns so toxic you can’t get a word in 
But I hope I made a bit of impact 
So now when someone talks to you 
Think twice what you say back.


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