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It’s confusing at best 
When you have to pass the test 
When there are two loves in your life 
Hoping one will be your wife 

The one that you have chosen 
Has left your heart fast frozen
As she runs to you with glee
Shouting “He will marry me”

With this shocking -stunned surprise 
Reflecting love within her eyes 
Your world’s about to end 
She loves him-you’re just her friend

Recovering from this blow
There’s the other one you know 
For her you have strong feelings
You contemplate revealing 

If you are serious and she’s happy and
Do you tell about your first “”Dove”
With the threat of loosing this love
A dellema to be sure-but you wear a recent scar

I can hear some people say 
That the story sounds “far fetched “
Yet it happens every day 
With their memory sadly etched

Its another life quick -turn taken 
blindly by surprise 
You fear if she was told 
She wound feel like “second prize “

What now remains 
Is a difficult decision  
Do you face new hope 
Or the blow from her derision

I know what I would do
But your answer’s up to you
It hinges on your future 
Which way do you suture


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