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Since the world birth, evil deeds have reigned the world. At almost every nation there had been reports of evil and stomach aching actions. Crimes such as murder, rape robbery with violence, gender based violence, pre and post- election violence are among the persistence sequential devilish culture that seems to never seize. Discussions on the causes and solutions of these deeds have been in every basis, in United Nations conventions, Legislatures, courtrooms, media platforms among others. In all these discussions, full of scholars, lawyers, philanthropists, enthusiasts and human rights activists with other like- minded beings, a clear layout of  the cause on the world longest nightmare still seems wild. What have only been offered is a speculation of the same. Poverty being the most listed if not mentioned.
Poverty is relative so its mention causes a scratch on the head or the back. For instance the cause of the world war one and two had been blamed to be fueled by desire for power and prestige. The desire for power in this case is interesting, for instance Adolf Hitler is believed to enter into world war two to gain prestige and superiority. His was not lack of money. Was it love for money? No one has ever given the answer  but to me the love for money in this case wins, Hitler imaginations of being the best verse in the world and his opponents counter attacks sheds light. The clear understanding here is that the many deaths, rapes and millions misplacement  of people   during the first and second world war  was because of quest for higher recognition not for lack of recognition in the world.
The rich are not yet rich and the poor are not yet poor. This contradicting statement well said by Robert T. Kiyosaki, is a great support that the love for money supersedes lack of money in matters evil. In many developing countries, there have been heists, money laundry and lethal scramble for power. Ironically those involved in all these misacts are not peasants who survive on a less a dollar, they are not the middle class citizens who can only afford basic comfort but few rich who have excess for them and  their generations.  No one has a right to claim that the cause of world conflicts and frictions is as a result of the” survival for the fittest” its greed.
Root for evil is a controversial statement which must be studied from every angle if solution is to be found. Many vices in our societies emerge due to lack of contentment. Everyone must be satisfied with what he/she has for a better co-existence.  Believe me, every evil that has ever been committed was caused by lack of self – satisfaction. Whether its murder, theft or rape. Love is good but if it goes beyond boundaries its better to lack than to love.
Ken wa Ndirangu
Political communication expert.  


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