The Story Of The To Siblings Read Count : 31

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Childrens
        Once a pon a time lived to Siblings Dholipar and Ram they both loved to go to school but they had one major difference between them and that was that Dholipar whenever got homework she completed it before time but, Ram never liked completing his homework 
     One day Dholipar told him that he has his maths test and had to study but as he didn't like studying he went to sleep their house was a 3 bedroom hall kitchen as one was Dholipar's room one was Ram's room and the third one was Dholipar's closed library which was covered by a curtain and they also had a terrace where they could study and eat one day they both married someone but because the house was on Dholipar's name Ram went with his wife to their another house and Dholipar with her husband stayed there only.
    As life went ahead Dholipar became successful but Ram could not,one day he came to her and said how have you become so very successful so she said Ram a Stitch in Time saves Nine


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