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When pain is your companion 
And with you day and night 
Selecting where and when to strike 
You learn new ways to fight

You can live with some - they’re just a bothersome 
They’ve visited before 
They one remind you they’ll be back
With pain you will deplore

The pain that incapacitates is really hard to bear
I really don’t appreciate the cries that one will hear 
I know when the bad ones will appear to my great disappointment 
They’re on my schedule unfortunately just like a bad appointment 

The tools used to deal with have sharpened through the years 
They battle pain recall the gain of life’s more 
pleasent times 
The pain is bad but life’s been good I celebrate in rhymes

It sounds like a contradiction but balancing the two
Is a little test  life’s given me
What else is there to do 

I’ve many means of enjoyment left in a life
I feel well spent 
 I utilize them as I choose to give that pain a

My main sratagy goes back as far as I can remember
 It is so great I proudly state it is my honorary member 
It’s one of my best life’s discoveries 
The ability of recovery 

After issues both physical and emotional 
I was able to bounce back 
Quickly in some cases - more 
time and effort  for the brutal attack

We have no control for what fate will bring
Though we can sure turn the tide
Being fortified with a life well lived
Can push much pain aside 

To bear the pain that is a drain is more of a continual challenge 
But holding on till it is gone was something I had learned
To counteract these bad attacks takes me back to joy ‘s I’ve earned 

To me it is more than survival
It is a planned revival
I refuse to let this crush rule my life
To destroy my family and my wife
And the things I love to do

“I’ll take the blows -let the record show
I’ll do it “ my way”


  • Nov 11, 2019

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