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Warning: This writing includes themes of bullying, religion, demons, possession, excorsims, cannibalism, self harm, and suicide. If you are sensitive to any of this, Do not read this. Don't get mad at me if you get disturbed, I warned you. This writing is a fiction story ; none of this is real. So without further ado, we begin....

The Excorism of Ellaris Millerson 
Ellaris had dark skin, dark brown hair, and emerald green eyes. She was the loner of her school ; she did not have any friends. She never really talked about her emotions or opinions. However, she had a love for cooking, baking, and eating, or anything food related, and her family attended a church every Sunday. 

She had joined her school's baking club in hopes that she'd finally make a couple friends. One Friday afternoon, the cooking club was comparing eachother's food. After the third food test, Ellaris started crying, screaming, and shaking uncontrollably.

The school called her parents to come get her. Her parents took her to a hospital ; by the time they got to the hospital, Ellaris had stopped. The doctors and nurses recommended a therapist or physcyastist. They falsely diagnosed her with schizophrenia.

Her parents noticed she was eating alot more meat than usual. She had also been biting at the skin near her fingernails ; at one point, Ellaris had gnawed her left index and both her thumb fingernails off. Her parents where scared out of their minds, for they had never seen such a thing happen before. 

On the day before she was going to go back to school, she had another episode. She kept banging on the bedroom walls, and screaming "Get out of me; it hurts, hurts!", over and over. She bit her fingers even more than the first episode and she started cutting her arms and banging her head against the walls. 

She only got worse and worse, she started talking to herself, halusanaiting and complaining to her parents that "The dark man won't stop yelling at me!" Her parents asked her to describe this dark man. She claimed that he had messy hair, little, white, beady, and glowing eyes, and looked scary. Then her parents asked her where she saw him, she guided them to her bedroom and pointed to the ceiling. They saw nothing. Nothing besides her train-wreck of a room. 

Her room was covered in papers with drawings of the man she had described, and notes saying things like : 
'Help me, dear Jesus, save me',  or 'get him out of me', or 'stop torturing me!'. One of the notes really stood out to her parents though, "Get out of my body, it belongs to me, stop trying to drive me insane". 

Her parents noticed that she wouldn't stop talking about someone being inside of her. They had enough and attempted to get her an excorsim. They dragged her to their church. She was not happy at all ; she was kicking, screaming, and biting them. One of thier bites was so dead that they were bleeding and some of their skin was torn off. 

The church eventually gave her parents permission for her to get excorsized. After her first excorsim, she seemed 'back to normal'.  She was good to go back to school, which she had missed a month of. 

Everything was going fine until a student reported finding a canablized body on the third floor. Every student and every faculty member was questioned. However, they couldn't find Ellaris. They searched the whole school for her, then they found her hidden in a bathroom. She had blood around her mouth and on her hands and her clothes, face, and hair, had been splattered with blood. Thet forced her to open her mouth. She had dried blood and flesh between her teeth. 

Ellaris Millerson was arrested for canibalism 

Upon her arrival at the prison, the guards noticed something was more than wrong ; they knew shes wasn't insane, she was possessed. 

They noticed:
  1. She was biting her nails off
  2. She was vulgur and violent
  3. She kept banging her head against the wall 
  4. She was punching holes in the walls
  5. Every day, for five months straight, she would start screaming at the top of her lungs at around three in the morning 
  6. She had no control of her bodily fluids 
  7. She would get random bruises, cuts, scars, etc. 
  8. She refused to eat anything besides meat
  9. She was talking to herself 
  10. She was talking to inanimate objects 
  11. She expired hallucinations and dillousions

They sent her to the church to get excorzised. She spoke in the voice of a certain demon. The priests emidently knew which demon she spoke of ; "Átahsaia", the demon of canibalism. 

The excorism was a failure, so they tried even more excorsims. Every excorsim was worse and worse and worse.

By the seventy third excorsim, they'd been at it for a year. Ellaris had enough. 

Her parents found her body hanging in her room. She had taken her life. The parents were the only people who attended her funeral. 


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    Warning: This writing includes themes of bullying, religion, demons, possession, excorsims, cannibalism, self harm, and suicide. If you are sensitive to any of this, Do not read this. Don't get mad at me if you get disturbed, I warned you. This writing is a fiction story ; none of this is real. I repeat: This writing is a fiction story. update: poor Ellaris, she had to go through so much

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