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Before we could start.
I want to let you know that
This writing is my project in my English
Honors 1 class.
But I thought that it is worth it to share.
If you don't know what "The Elevator", Google it! It has an entire story.
But at the ending, these more suspensions.
So my teacher wants me and my classmates to use our creative mind to
Complete the ending.
I am being talkative and need to zip up.
If you never read The Elevator please read it before reading my ending.
Thank you!

    The elevator stopped. I can feel shivers in my spine as the fat lady stares at me, smiling. I was too afraid to react, instead, I just stay quiet.

    “Martin, Martin, Martin,” the fat chanting. My body shook uncontrollably, my hands went tighten on my crutches. I swallowed hard. I don’t have a choice but to answer it.

    “Y-yes?” my throat is also shaking. The fat lady’s blue eyes shining and her creepy smiling is still on her face. She still chanting my name, no other words.

I squeezed myself into the corner. I still can’t push the button or escape since the lady’s big round belly blocked and I am afraid that if the lady would chase me. I am on crutches so I can’t run any faster if that happened.

    “Don’t,” the fat lady said. I jumped slightly. I was trying to avoid eye contact as possible. So I just stare at a mental wall.

    “Don’t listen to your father, Martin,” the fat lady’s voice suddenly become soft and happy. More like an innocent person with happiness. I decided to look at the fat lady’s face. It’s definitely a normal, but happy face.

    “Why should I don’t listen to my dad?” I asked, still feeling nervous. The fat lady stares at me as always. I just stay quiet for a while.

    “Just don’t,” the fat lady said as she pushed the ten button. The elevator finally started to move up. The heavy doors open slowly.

    The lady looked at me with a smiling face. She walked out of the elevator, leave me with space and confusion. As doors closed, I press the seventeen button so fast. I don’t want to have the fat lady chase me. The elevator is so old that it moves up slowly.

    “Come on!” I yelled, “Do you want me to be killed by this lady?” I shouted at the non-living elevator.

As strange happened, the elevator's speed increasing slowly, my body becoming heavier. When the elevator reached the seventeen floor, it stopped so suddenly that I fell. The doors seem not to care but open and wait for me to go out of the elevator.

I stood up slowly. I walked out of the elevator. I entered my home, walked toward my bedroom. I sat down on my bed. I just stay in the same position for hours.

My mind spinning to figure out how I can find the truth and the fat lady’s reason why to tell me to stop listening to my own dad. Finally, the idea appeared in my mind. It may work.

As I woke up the next day, my leg was so sore that hard for me to stand up. I called my dad to help me. As my dad come in, helped me to get stand up. I limped on way to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth, brushed my hair, then washed my face. I limped to my room.

Put short is a challenge for me with a broken leg, no fun. But I make it somehow. I limped to the kitchen to say bye to my dad.

“Do use the elevator, you are injured already,” dad said without even at me, he reads the newspaper. I sighed, why doesn't he say bye to me?

Of course, I follow as the fat lady said: don’t listen to my dad. I went down the stairs. I struggled to walk properly. Can you imagine that you walk down from the seventeenth to the first floor with a broken leg?

Finally, I arrive on the first floor. I run-limping to the front office. I ask the maiden about the fat lady that always stalking me in the elevator.

To my surprise, she said that the fat lady’s name Ana. Ana was actually dead for fifteen years. Someone I know killed Ana by power down the elevator. The elevator falls down from seventeen to the basement floor and crashed. Ana was killed instantly. The maiden said that all people who near Ana’s killers usually got stalked in an elevator for years.

Ana’s reason upset me. But I had no choice but tell the maiden who is Ana’s killer.

 My dad is under arrest for murder. I moved to my mom. She takes care of me well. As we went back to dad's Apt to get my things from there. My mom asked me if that's okay to use the elevator.

"That's fine, as long as I am not alone, " I replied.

 My mom nodded then sent it to the elevator with me. As we go up. These no Ana. It probably that Ana is satisfied then leaves freely.

I smiled, my fear still needs to heal slowly. But It not strong enough to stop me from using the elevator.

All thanks to Ana.


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