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She stands firm, fist clenched and teeth grind.
A friendship slammed closed the stars burned out. "Poof" 
Words she let dig deep into a desired,tired soul. Feelings she let herself feel. A fire that lite the kindles and started a slow burn. "Poof" the slammed door winds turned the burn to ash. 

She stands firm, fist clenched, teeth grind.
A friendship moved in fast, cycloned up and appears and destroyed a path. Gone left a hole faster then it could take hold. "Poof" Those words told on a rewind now just worn to static replay. 

She stands firm, fist clenched and teeth grind. 
A friendship no, just a mere sidestep an out a glimpse of what could've been bestselling bind. "Poof" a flop that was just dropped off like the book with the bad movie ending.

She stands firm. Fists unclenched, teeth ungrinding
A friendship made out of boredom or perhaps a moment of conversation a needing for understanding. "Poof." 

She stands firmly. Fists unclenched, and teeth ungrinding.
A friendship now a complete strangership. Forgotten desire that burned inspire. The flames of a fire. Ash and dust. "Poof" out the unslammed door into the wind lost among the burnt out stars. 

-Theresa Marie
2019 November 


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