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There are three main parties in capitalism. Their the capitalist, the worker, and the consumer.
They all have on thing in common, they want profit. The capitalist gets profit from people buying from them, and the workers being more productive then there wages. Each party can increase there profit by enriching, and enprovising the other parties. It more likely to work if they enrich the other parties, because the other parties will look for alternative that hurt the oppressor. 

Even the state isn't immune to this fact, if they impoverished a party, then they'll find way out of it. This is important to know because any time the state tries to inrich one party its by pulling back another, but the three parties already inrich each other when inriching one party. 
The only time the state should enpoverish one party if it a legitimate role of the state. Yes the state should pass law that make it so that no one can steal, but it shouldn't control capitalist prices.

We should let the market run it self, only interfering when it a role of the state. This would enrich all parties, and only by enriching each other.


  • Nov 10, 2019

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