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It’s a complicated world we live in not easy 
to explain 
At times it glows in sunshine-at times it’s filled with rain
I don’t speak of the weather-I’m referring 
to conditions 
For millions all around our earth are in deplorable positions

It may be war that still exists though they say that wars are finished 
Tell that to to those who die each day in conflicts that remain 
With  people dead and others whose lives have been diminished 
They wish for peace with pleas and prayers
In agonizing refrain 

With manny issues  afflicting them- starvation sickness- poverty 
Struggling to overcome their fate - each one with their priority 

Many others live in peace- they live quite different lives 
Though they have issues just as well their lives are more secure 
Speaking in generalities we all have trouble to be sure 

We all hope for solutions - solving them 
Causes much confusion 
A master key that can open the door a valiant effort to tell
Is peace throughout our whole wide world 
so they can escape from Hell 

This may sound optimistic or really unrealistic 
But all our lives there has been  wars-that is most fatalistic 
If we as individuals bond together strong 
Put aside our differences to eliminate the wrong 
Our fervent cry will echo with the same goal
in our speech 
To  work together with hope in our hearts 
So we all can live in peace 


  • Nov 09, 2019

  • Nov 10, 2019

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