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A milestone for me 
I’m as happy as a writer could be
Reading Jared’s plea
This occurred to me

It will be a year next week 
That my writing was reborn
Prior to that I was in limbo
With my body severely torn

My writing saved my life 
Battling an issue I thought would last
Ten years of struggle and writing 
Thirty years have since passed 

A year ago I searched for an app to fill my impatient needs
The desire was always with me 
Tucked within -facing other deeds

I scanned each one that had the “writing “
Some were familiar -this one I’d never heard 
It hit like a bolt of lightning 
I had to read it twice 
The description was so inviting 
Like rolling lucky dice

Since then my writing came alive
With motivation grand
Now everyday l find the time
To work with pen in hand

My life had changed in different ways
Mostly for the better 
The joy of writing once again 
Enhanced my life forever 

Community is what we are from all corners of the earth 
Writing- reading- sharing -learning 
Has meant unbelievable worth

As my writing has grown with increased 
I’ve seen Writer’s’s Outlet grow so fast
I can respond with tremendous reaction
WO will overtake all others and will forever last 

My writing drive is part of me
Alive as it could be
I know that feeling when I read
The feeling of our community 

I’ll keep writing and reading and learning 
I will spread the word to all
I’ll share with my sisters and brothers 
To help Jared stand there TALL


  • Nov 09, 2019

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