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I’ve lived my life in pain
Both emotional and physical
 As constant as the rain
And very highly visible 
And then I’d rise 

Still my life ‘s been very good
For my family understood 
They were always there 
When fate produced the tears
And the I’d rise

As I think of the past 
Somehow I found the strength 
To struggle endlessly 
Thinking this would be my destiny 
And Then I’d rise 

The battle was a lesson 
That built up good experience 
To fortify my fight 
And  strain for life that’s right 
And then I’d rise

With all that I have had
Both the good as well as bad
I will leave this world content 
With my happiness well spent 
And the I’d rise 

( This piece was inspired by my idol
Maya Angelou)


  • Great way to expose my poetry

    Nov 09, 2019

  • Nov 09, 2019

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