THE BLACK CLOUD Read Count : 9

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Drama
This story about one happy family, For 11 years things are going pretty  till he left .even had motel all summer and still   At the time we had so many doors close saying  they can't help us, my daughter's  16 year old ran away to her step dad  because we in a motel.So much have happened to our family, It got destroyed . We have made so many mistakes,  And it feels like we are being punished for the mistakes that we made, In this motel room I do a lot of think what should've be done,  And what wasn't done, I keep on think there has to be help out there I gone on wed sites hoping there something out here to help. We never be homeless before,  In our state of mind we could not think clear It was like our minds went blank,  Thinking what going happened next, 
Thank you for reading this
God bless you 
Kathleen Boles 


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