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She was an innocent child,
She would always smile.
Deep down within her gut,
She was nothing but a rut.
It is sad to say she was only ten,
She already felt this way.

Her innocence had been taken away,
Every family weekend.
No one ever knew,
He threatned her every time he stepped into her room.

I will kill your mommy if you make a sound,
Your brothers and sisters too,
If you so decide to speak.
I will off myself,
This lie was to much to bare.
This family will be destroyed,
All because you wanted me and I said no.

Poor little girl.
Every night your father would step into your room.
Stripped away not only your clothes,
But the innocence that came with it.
Poor child,
All because you're only ten.

Some things can't be forgiven,
Something can't be forgotten by a simple I'm sorry.

You can't walk alone.
You can't look at yourself in the mirror.
Poor child,
Ever since you were ten,
You were stripped of your joy.
Poor kiddo,
You were left to shrivel.

It is the funeral of a great man.
You stand in the back,
Being reminded of every family weekend.
You are now happy he is gone.
The worst type of human to lay foot on earth.
You tell your story.
You are no longer afraid.
Your story will be heard,
Hopefully not forgotten.


  • Nov 09, 2019

  • Nov 09, 2019

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