The Night Sky Read Count : 50

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Romance
The night sky is illuminated by the magnificent moon, shining bright on the ground down below. The stars twinkle in joy, murmhring to one another - whispering in hope that they will be heard. 

Two individuals on this said night ponder on the grassy fields, murmurinh soft, silent secrets to the moon or the stars.

“She’s beautiful, did you know?” One murmured to the stars—the stars giggled and awed, fascinated by the twinkling in her eyes. 

The other spoke to the moon, devoting her love to the other girl - spilling her heart out and how she was like the moon, shining so bright in the times of the dark where no light shone. 

The moon and the stars exchanged what had been told, agreeing on one thing - and they spilled the secrets to the other girl. 

The moon rose higher, the stars shone brighter; the two girls stumbled across one another on the grassy fields, under the night sky. 


  • Nov 09, 2019

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