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Sub Category : Horror

Tricky is the thought, of what to do next how to start a confrontation that never has ended good,putting the anger aside letting my temper cool im still unable to speak.how pathatic I  am that something so fucking simple im to afraid to...so here i am knowing what is needed for things maybe to see a change and fear the cold evil bitch is again to quick.so stupid an lame you cant even type things right so you keep talking down to yourself as usaul yet this time your stupid ass is putting it down to be seen you truely are a sad excuse for a human.you wonder why in the fuck we hate you not only are you a chicken shit coward but crazy and pathatic i wish i new more creative ways to tell you what a poor fucked up lowlife you are but before i wasnt reading the truth i say about you thanks to all this you have suceeded in returning the stupid feeling back to me but to bad you are unable to make me out to be anywhere near the disgusting indivdual you have become, still why in the hell are you still alive, you not smart enough to do it then again you are the stupidist coward in this room the fact we are one makes me wish i was in control then i would end your sorry excuse fearfulness and put an end to everyones misery for just knowing you. you couldnt make anyone more sick then i am at this present time you scum low dog shit coward cunt with no voice!



  • Leon Klouds

    Leon Klouds

    wow how kind of you

    Nov 10, 2019

  • Id like to buy you a coffee, sometime.

    Nov 30, 2019

  • Armando Diaz santos

    Armando Diaz Santos

    we all habr defects and was born as man but with feelings not to be expressed to feel less of a man yet man in society is known by his strength and bravenes.greater wiser older man see it differently thet see a man by his deads sacrifices and actions and alot of those actions can be seen a sert way to man cowerdly yet to others is great honor to be able to live with the humbleness of been lowered to dust in the eye of the man.i dont hold grudges twers you and wisdon nolege is not the same nethier is learning a language the same.i nvr thought as a kid i would be who i am wish is who ever i am.i dont like judging mu self cus theres one who judges me and all i am in perfect in many ways.i conot spell or know much big word cus im fool i just neverd paid attention to the things i nvr felt i would need in life i new i read and write just enough not thinking of my futer need for the words i dont know and the ones i cant spell.i am not born with the talent of all.learning is achieved the same way as walking yet u expect a clear answer and no clear understanding of the word i dont know i can only gess and gessing a word could lead to a mess.i might be less in many ways and greater in others the ones that r i dont really care.u ask how am i alive creater im not yet ive sufferd things u can seem to understand u thought my strong by the body might yet it came from obove.i am alive for a reason still searten im not of the planse that r maid.i knew first hand the responsible for me been alive people don't experience the things i have past and survive with there own might is brought from the high.im scared not knowing what to expect if ill be my family's dispair if ill see then again what the future could hold but if is my destiny lets go take a stroll.i hope one day ur able to forget the hate that u feel for knowing u first hang could only yield.i been the mouse for a long freaking time yet ur the one holding the fight.is not all good in me im not perfect yet hurt someone fillings i dont intend for sertent.u could do as u please respect me or not and if u need me to do something that i dont want like fight or what ever to hold nomore grudges ill do what u ask for ur soul to be spared and for the hope of me sleeping good with nowing u don't hate me and achievement will flair.the peace that u seek is the same one i want just that we think so different u want it unrong but to maje u feel happy ill do as u please i sherly hope humbleness one day ull grow to keep.take care n much love

    Dec 25, 2019

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