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Don’t like you hair don’t shed a tear
What about your eyes can’t wear a disguise 
Problem with your nose can’t hide like your toes
Mouth and chin not the best we’re stuck with them just like the rest

We have been so conditioned 
To judge each other by what we see 
The outside may look great 
Is that the way we want to rate

What happened to character and personality 
The essential part of their reality 
Looks can fade and change 
Personality you cannot rearrange

A beautiful person looks great on  date
Is that the way you’d pick your mate
If you’re confident and happy on the inside 
There are always things we’d like to hide
To be liked or loved for what’s within Is a great way for a relationship to begin 

You can make the best of what we’ll see
But those who really care for you 
Have something deeper to share with you
And this might be the bottom line 
A life fulfilled for a lifetime 


  • Nov 09, 2019

  • amazing 💜

    Nov 10, 2019

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