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Have you ever thought about your life if some of the past events/past people that has happened or walked in and out of your life that you would still be the same exact person you are today or that you still might have gone down the same journey in life as you have taken or maybe even beaten the past journey in life just to find that very same fucked up dead end path or the very same fucked up fork right in the middle of your own fucked up journey in your path way of life?
I know I do all of the time,I wonder quite often if I was aboused, neglected or even abandoned that maybe just maybe I wouldn't have had and still suffering through the journey of my demon of drug addiction,or that I might not have the various of trust issues I have or maybe that the people who I thought I once knew wouldn't have ever abandoned me when I needed them the most maybe the men in my past as well as the present wouldn't have ever had put their hands upon me to not only to cause me physical, emotional problems or fear of being killed by their hands or having to worry about having any flash backs,night tears or afraid of anyone who is just trying to either brush your hair out of your face or maybe even just trying to give you a simple hug and you flinch worried that they too are going to give you the same exact kind of physical, emotional pain that the men that have caused you that same kind of physical, emotional pain right along with the flash backs, the night tears as well as the very terifinig nightmares that you are having. Do you ever wonder where you would be today without any of the pain,hurt ,lack of trust but instead having more love less pain, more concern of your well being more trust in your life that just maybe you might have gone down a better journey in life, maybe even made better choices then you have in the journey in life then you have or maybe you might even be in a very much better place in your journey of life then you are currently in your journey of life maybe you might not feel as worthless as you do right now in life maybe you wouldn't have to have your gaurd walls up as high maybe you might not be so scared or even nervous to speak whatever is on your mind or even to stick up for yourself regardless of who they were man or female big or small you wouldn't ever back down if maybe the past journey of life wouldn't had so much physical, emotional, neglect or abandonment or whatever bad experiences that you might had experience as well as the past people that have walked in and out of your life, your life might have been more better and more pleasant to keep going down the journey of life hell who knows maybe you might even be more of a happy person who is also a very delight person to be around if alot of the negitive as well as the very painful things that you had to experience in the past life's journey wouldn't have ever even occiured.
Maybe if the world today wouldn't be so afraid to ask questions before deciding to judge one another before even trying for a second to figure out what their back story is of their lives or maybe if they just took even a bit out of their day as well as their time to take a walk in their shoes instead of just judging someone right away that this very fucked up as well as very judgemental world wouldn't be such a fucked up as well as such a judgemental world to live in and who knows maybe that the world wouldn't be so full of hateraded as well as so negative.
Have you ever thought about your life's journey??


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