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We all make them-we all hate them
We’re all human but why do we make them
The human mind is one of a kind
Each one different like a fingerprint 
Our experiences are part of the differences
As are a potpourri of influences

Some are silly and produce some snickers
Others are major real bad kickers
We know they’ll come from time to time 
One goal is to prevent the amount to climb

The danger sign is when they’re repeated
We can feel like we’ve been defeated 
If we think ahead with what we know
We can make a concerted effort to 
keep them in tow

When we think ahead before we act
It lowers the chance of them coming back
Often times we’re in a hurry 
To do it again will increase the worry 

My best advice I give myself for I’m as guilty 
as you
Is slow your mind and concentrate 
When facing your decisions
The result will be a pleasant one 
With more mistake-free visions


  • This is great! I like your writing style, alot!

    Nov 08, 2019

  • Tina Murphy

    Tina Murphy

    Thankyou for your comment I really like your poem so true as well.xxxxxxx

    Nov 08, 2019

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