Hell-Hole Read Count : 34

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Horror
I woke up chained to my bed.
I waited for her to finish her daily route.
Then she came and freed me.

The putrid smell of old blood filled my nostrils.
A sad feeling consumed any happiness I had left.

We all know this building goes downward forever,
The farther down you go,
The closer to hell you are.
This place feels like hell,
So since this place is already bad enough,
Is Hell a million times worse?

All of the children here,
Were bound for Hell the moment we were born.
None of us a 'right',
No one wants us 'wrong' folk.

I found a green apple,
It felt like a miracle.
We aren't allowed to go outside.
Finding something fresh is like a miracle.

My teeth sank into the apple.

I bite the inside of my mouth alot,
So they acid from the apple stung,
But I didn't care.

I cherished the sweet,
Yet sour flavor of the apple.

The whole time she was by my side.
Ever since I tried to die,
I cannot be alone. 

On the fifth floor, there is a balcony.
I wanted to be free.
I tried to jump,
I tried to die,
I tried to escape from this hell-hole.
The Elaphant made a force-feild.

When I tried to jump, it slammed me into the wall.

I had enough.
I want to escape.
I don't want to be here.

One of the children here,
They're going to try to kill us all.

I remembered when the first one died,

Aria lost her eyes in a freak-accident.
She was going to die.
We had to replace her bed with a hospital bed.

One day, her heart stopped beating.
We sprinted to the room.

She had been stabbed fifty-six times.

We're all trapped here, 
Until we die.

We are all patiently waiting for the sweet release of death,
For our time to come,
To not have to deal with the constant torture of living.

At the end of the day,
None of this is real,
So I don't give a damn.

I want to escape here with the one I love the most,
I want to be free with them.


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