Tier High School: Long Bye- Final Episode Read Count : 37

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Elon: What!?

Elon's Mom: Honey calm down, this is best for you.

Elon: Best!? Best!? Going to Tier High is the best for me! Why am I going back to Chance Center High!

Elon's Mom: Honey, you've been in many fights at Tier High and your grades were better at Chance Center High.

Elon: The fights there don't even come close to the fights I had at Chance! My grades are bad because I can't focus cause of people wanting to fight me! What about Etile and Emily!

Elon's Mom: They're better off with you not there.

Elon: I'm going to Chance no matter what aren't I.

Elon's Mom: Yes.

Elon: Fine.


Elon: Aydin, we have to talk...

Aydin: Yeah babe, what is it.

Elon: We have to break up...

Aydin: What why...

Elon: I have to move... I have a no choice..

Aydin: Do you have a good reason why..?

Elon: I have to go back to Chance Center High and I'm moving for the safety of you and Emily and Etile and everyone else.

Aydin: If it's for my own safety, I guess I can't argue with my boyfriend.

Elon: I'm sorry...

Aydin: It's okay I understand.

Elon: I love you still..

Aydin: I love you still too.

They kissed for the last time. As a couple. And for the final time seeing each other.


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