Tier High School: Brother's Duel Ep. 15 Read Count : 24

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Man: Kill him! Make him bleed! Do anything, even if it means killing who he loves!

Young Adult: Yes... Dad.


Aydin: Babe, let's go we'll be late for school.

Elon: I'm coming, I'm coming. Jeez, just like my mom you really are.

Aydin: That's me as a girlfriend for you, Butt.

Elon: Yeah, let's go.

They walked to school, they were greeted by the group and two officials.

Elon: What's going on?

Official 1: There's a person waiting for you in our biggest arena.

Aydin: Waiting?

Etile: Em.

Elon: What!?

Emily: Em, Elon.

Elon: Em! Why is here!?

Addilyn: Elon, calm down.

Official 2: He's here for you Elon, for a fight.

Elon: Then I'll fight him! Bring me to him!

Both Officials: Right then.

Aydin: Elon..

They escorted him to the arena. Em was there waiting for him.

Em: Let's go.

The fight started. Elon and Em went at it. Back and forth with punches and kicks. Blood was everywhere, mainly from Em treating Elon like a rag doll.

Aydin: How come he's not winning?

Etile: Em is extremely stronger than Elon.

Addilyn: What are you saying?

Etile: Elon signed his name on a death ballet. Personal own, and Em used Elon's blood as the ink.

Aydin: No! Elon, get out of there!

Elon: Special Tier! Moon Beam!

Em: Heh...

Em was uneffected by the beam.

Em: Weak like always! Special Tier! Moon Spike!

Everyone in the crowd: Elon!

Smoked clear. Em left.

Aydin: Elon!

Elon was laying on the ground. When he came to he went home. Not talking to Aydin or his two other siblings.

Aydin: Bye mom, going to the gym with Elon!

Aydin's Mom: Alright, be safe sweety. I will.

Aydin watched and helped Elon train.

Aydin: Come on babe I know you can get stronger!

Elon: Stronger!? Em? I'll kill you Em!

Every punch. Every kick. Elon got quicker with them. Heavier. Deadlier. Elon was becoming stronger and stronger by the second.

Aydin's Mind: Elon.

Elon's Mind: Never again with the humiliation!


Em: Where is he?

Aydin: Wait you big butt!

Em: Shut up!

Em attacked the group. Before he can strike he was pushed back.

Elon: Your fight is with me dumbass! So fight me!

Em: What'd you call me! Tier 5! Activate!

Elon: Dumbass! Tier 6! Activate!

They went all out. Sparks. Explosion. Craters. Blood. Everything. Even dust was everywhere.

Em: How'd you get so bloody strong!

Elon: I promised myself I'd never go through the humiliation you put me through ever again!

Em: We'll see, heh.

Elon: What?

Em: Comet. Say bye to your girlfriend and everyone else!

A comet came down fast. Elon threw Em to the ground.

Elon: Destruction.

Em chuckled.

Em: Perfect... Now die! Special Tier! Moon Spike!

Elon: Never again! Special Tier! Moon Cannon Beam!

Em: What the hell!? No!

Elon: Die brother!

Em: This won't be the last you'll see me!

Everyone: Yay Elon!

Mr. Moon: Pathetic! Like always! You can't even do a simple thing to a weak pathetic bug!

Em: Sorry dad...

Mr. Moon: Sorry? If he isn't killed or in the hospital soon, the plan won't go through!

Em: I know dad, sorry.

Mr. Moon: He's only half blood to you, killing him should be easy! If you don't at least send him to the hospital your wife and kid. If your mom finds out of this, say bye to your hope and dreams!

Em: Yes sir.

Mr. Moon left the room. Em stood alone in the dark.

Em: I love you Rosie.


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