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A Tokyo Ghoul Original Character Story.
Chapter 1: Freedom
  • 'Drip', -'drip'. That damn dripping water. It's ALWAYS dripping. It's enough to drive a person mad. 
  • Honestly though i can tell i been down here long enough, the dripping barely even bothers me anymore. 
  • No i have other thoughts that are much more important. Well i guess you can say they are feelings. My rage.
  • I'm in a cell, locked up like some freak! Some monster! And all the thanks can be given to my parents. They made all these dreams of mine come true! Haha! Not!
  • Those assholes are so dead when i get out of here. Every single one of my family members. The ones who judge me, and sentenced me to die down here.
  • The only one who shall be spared is my darling little sister. She came to see me as much as she could, i don't blame her in the slightest.
  • She would sneek me scraps, but after a while her visits stopped. Probably cause of our parents. Sadly A ghouls body can with stand not eating a lot longer than humans. So they would push me to my hunger breaking point.
  • So hungry. Always so hungry. I'd get to chomping on my fingers and toes for food. It always hurt, but they always grew back. Pleasantly enough it tasted better than fine quality human meat.
  • One day someone unlocked my cell. Someone left the keys on the floor, and unlocked all the doors. 
  • I was so wild with freedom i attacked everything and anything. Eating all i could, human and ghouls it didn't matter. I was starving. 
  • When i finally opened the door to the outside it was night. I was covered in blood, from all the gaurds and servants that were in there.
  • "Dear sister" i heard a familiar voice call from behind me. I didn't turn around, i honestly didnt want her to see me like this.
  • "Did you let me out?" I asked trying to avoid facing her. I hear foot steps and a second later she was in front of me.
  • "I have went many years without your gaze. Please don't avert your eyes from me. These people have only our parents to blame for this. So i don't judge you in the slightest" she spoke so softly. Looking me directly in the eyes.
  • I grabbed her wrist and pulled her into my arms for a tight hug. She was startled at first, but was quick to react and hugged back.
  • "Thanks to you and only you, i have back my freedom. For this my sister i am forever in your debt" i whisper softly to her. 


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