Bemoaning The Age Read Count : 25

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When you’re young You want to be old
When you’re older you’re looking over your 
Looking back to those joyful-carefree days
That seem to vanish in so many ways 
Ah it’s so easy to forget
At any  age- life’s not over yet

Sometimes we don’t recall the trials and tribulations of our youth
Remembering “we had a ball”
Forgetting unpleasant truth 

We can’t wait to join the  “do” parade
When age will let us in
To places where the door is shut 
When “I D’s proof’s a win

It seems we’re never satisfied to be where
life has brought us
To make the best of where we are Is what experience has taught us

If we look at our entire past
And get a balanced picture 
We’re able see the things that last
Many permanent fixtures 

We can try to change the things we can
And  fulfill our best wishes
Age never stops - don’t let tears drop
Just fill  your life with kisses


  • Nov 07, 2019

  • so true. I think a lot about my pass. a lot about my kids

    Nov 07, 2019

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