The Haunted Tree Read Count : 32

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Horror
Down in the misty hallways of Midle bro centry, the middle school where all 11 to 12 year old's went, was a mysterious creature lurking in the shadows and and running around delivering a book in front of each classroom. They were not just any books they were haunted books. They came from a huanted tree in a huanted park where none could go becuase the person who made the books put a barrier across it so it would not  hurt the city. The tree was hidden the deepest parts of the forest if you would make it in real scary things were the obstacles ahead of you. The tree was growing little books with less scary things but also the books grew in the tree and then when done they locked the books up and put themon a wooden bench so things inside the book did not come to life. The person who made all of these scary things was the creature who delivered the books he was the ghost of him self. The next day the teachers would open the book in front of the class and have danger spilling through the whole city!


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