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Well something knew can you imagine being a person or anything and didn't not have a face. Well I'm  Mad I don't have a face is that   weirdest thing you could ever dream of. I get up in the morning finding my way through the house by feeling and hearing some days I feel like giving up and there is the other days I know I have God to thank that I am here today. I feel invisible like know one sees me but it's crazy cause I don't have a face they can't. I have this 🐕 who is train to help me around he knows how to get my clothes and shoes he takes me to bathroom , even lead me for breakfast he is my life more like my life. The other day I wanted to go see the sun set which was so weird cause my condition but I went to feel like normal , the wind blew sliding through my cheeks my hands brushed through the grass and  my night was successful.I never been too school I am home schooled  my parents thinks this is better for me but I want to go and make friends at school 😭. Long story short, One day my parents left me alone in my house and I thought I could handle it I was in the living room with the TV on cause I like to listen. And a knock came to my front door with me not having a face I asked who was it know one said a word just laughing and cursing. As my helper lead me to the door and I opened it. The voice said we are here to rob you and through me against the walls. As I here the light switch clicks on , he says look a know face retard as he puts his boots on my face. I took a breath and then said. What is it that you want? I'm alone I have nothing would you really do this to a person like me. Yes, he said because you would never see my face . As the people ran through my house throwing, breaking and take things as one person kicks me in my face and head over and over again. I knew then I was going to die . But do you believe in miracles? Because I saw a light from a glar and and angle  caught my eye as the sheriff busted the door down and arrested the man. He said he was driving by and saw a car he has never seen in my ma yard besides my wanted him to come and check on me. Thank God for a few of good people. And Angle saved my Life.


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