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Guys I already posted that save nallamalla in the account revathi priya bandaru

So now , you know in India the people bannaed plastic not completely. But they stopped using. We have to stop usage of plastic so know a cow eats grass and plastic also which is in the land because we are throwing plastic at the site of green plants. So the cows,buffaloes, goats,sheep's are eating so much of plastic. Recently a cow has postmodern and the stomach of the cow is completely
filled with plastic. Nearly 2millions of bags are there in the stomach of the cow.we know that we can't live without plastic. Because our surroundings ( means our furniture, bags,storing boxes,and so on....)
So please stop using plastic at least try to save our nature and try to stop using plastic at least 5%. Now a days we are facing so many problems like global warming, cyclone...  It's all because of the over usage of the plastic and our negligence. So please friends stop using plastics atleast 5%. 5% will save the people,aquatic animals,animals all living beings and we can save our trees and water too. So please stop over usage of plastic.And please don't cut trees. In olden days the percentage of trees is 21% but now it is decreased to 19%. So please save trees and our nature. Don't pollute any thing. Stop using more plastic.

Save our nature and save our future generations.. Thank u


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