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When trust is betrayed 
What decision has been made 
To continue the relationship 
Or leave now that trust has slipped 

Is one betrayal’s a warning sign 
Is it worth another chance 
Do you forfeit all the time together 
With past love and romance

If there’s a another incident 
Is that the final “ straw “
Has trust completely disappeared 
 From this relationship do you withdraw 

If you stay with trust a question mark
Suspicion in your head 
You’ll never know when truth is told
With feelings left unsaid 

Theses situations are not fairytales 
They’re harsh reality 
Painful problems hard to solve  
Without true finality

Whichever direction one takes 
The pain of repeated mistakes 
Will linger as life must go on
And deal with those thoughts never gone

Experience can teach you from events 
good or bad
The things for your protection and to change a future direction 
To find happiness and avoid the sad 


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    Nov 05, 2019

  • Nov 05, 2019

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